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Seed Saving

Why save seed
Seeds are a part of our heritage, and a connection with the food that we eat. Seeds were an original form of exchange and barter between peoples over the past centuries. This exchange allowed for communication between local populations and for a spread of biodiversity now threatened by multinational companies. Many people have lost any connection to their food since the advent of supermarkets and a loss of land to grow food, it is vital that these connections be continued.

How to save seed 

  • Select the plants you want to save seed from, let them flower and form seed, when the seed is ripe/dry, remove from the plant before they fall and clean them, label them, and store them in a cool dry place.

  • Make sure the seed is completely dry and free of insects, mould.

  • Label with date, type and source of original seed.

  • Store them in airtight containers. 

Keep them in a cool dry dark place.

You can save seeds from flowers, trees, vegetables, etc. All seeds are essential to our survival. Our main focus however will be the saving and sharing of vegetable seeds. 

We have a Nelson group who meet quarterly to exchange seeds and to share knowledge and information. Local Coordinator is Lorraine Leader.

**** Seeds Ė we donít own them -  they sustain us ****