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Why save seed?
Seeds are a part of our heritage, and a connection with the food that we eat. Seeds were an original form of exchange and barter between peoples over the past centuries. This exchange allowed for communication between local populations and for a spread of biodiversity, now threatened by multinational companies. Many people have lost any connection to their food since the advent of supermarkets and a loss of land to grow food, it is vital that these connections be continued.

Throughout the centuries mankind has used plants for a major source of food, shelter, clothing and medicine. We are the product of this use and our modern crops the result of thousands of years of selective breeding where varieties were chosen for their differences rather than their uniformity.

This site intends to support genetic diversity at a time when it is under threat. Years of monocultural modern farming practices have left us with fewer and fewer varieties of crops and a rapid decline in biodiversity worldwide. 

FAO studies revealed that 75% of agricultural genetic diversity was lost in the 20th century. Recent genetic engineering practices further threaten our food security, and with patents on seeds, we believe the way forward is in local seed sharing initiatives. Websites are a new way of reconnecting people to their surroundings and to their resources, in this case seeds.

We have set up this site to give you information on seed saving, as well as information on global seed issues.

The seed is law, indeed it is the law of life, the law of regeneration.

**** Seeds Ė we donít own them -  they sustain us ****


Our next meeting will be on Saturday, 18th of October at 2.30 pm at Waimarama Community Organic Gardens, Brook Street, Nelson.